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The purpose of the Puyallup Area Aging In Place Coalition (PAAIPC) is to be a charitable and educational broad-based advocacy coalition with the overarching goal to make the area livable for all ages by addressing aging in place issues in the Puyallup area.

While there are many definitions for communities that are elder friendly, one such definition is that an "elder friendly" community is one that provides opportunities for people to age in place ("living in one's home as long as desired”) by making resources available for day-to-day living.
This definition has been conceptualized as having four main elements: 1) communities must address basic needs such as housing, safety and food resources; 2) a community must promote civic engagement for residents of all ages; 3) communities must have resources that optimize physical and mental well being and 4) they must find and deliver methods to maximize independence for the frail and disabled citizens .
We know that people uniformly wish to remain active and engaged in community life. To them, that means maintaining independence, avoiding isolation, and not becoming a burden to others. The aging in place committee hopes to further this goal through initiating community wide conversations about how social connectedness can foster independence. An elder friendly community is a community that supports and benefits people of all ages.
Proactively educate the City and community on aging issues;
Monitor and testify on aging issues before appropriate City and civic groups;
Champion and become involved in activities focused on aging issues and
Complement current community events and work in partnership with communiity groups.
Edwin L. Hoffman

Ed is the co-founder of the Washington Aging In Place Council, a non-profit organization that advocates for senior homeowners. Professionally, he is a Reverse Mortgage Consultant for Wells Fargo. Although he is experienced in all types of residential mortgage loans, he is dedicated to reverse mortgages. Ed and his family have lived in the Puget Sound area for over 20 years.


How Can you be involved?

  • Learn more about agingn issues
  • Comment on City planning issues that impact older adults and
  • Volunteer as a coalition member or as a member of a onetime event task force by calling 253-845-8895.
If you want to volunteer as a coalition member, an event volunteer, or other, please contact us by calling 253-845-8895. 

For more information or to contact us:

PO Box 217
Puyallup, WA 98371

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Cohen, G. D. (2000). The creative age: Awakening human potential in the second half of life. New York: Avon Books.